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Provincial Council Nomination and Recruitment Bulletin – 2018

Nominations close February 24, 2018 for vacant Council positions. The Governance Committee is in the process of identifying potential nominees and informing members about current requirements to serve on the Council. Members in good standing may self-nominate, or nominate fellow members following the prescribed process.

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Need an Advisor?

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Policy and Process for Senior Level, Experienced Applicants

Council approved a new policy and process at the June 9th meeting that could be more efficient for senior level and experienced applicants to gain full status as Professional/Technical Agrologists.
Eligible applicants may be able to demonstrate they meet requirements more quickly. Examples of applicants who may be invited to follow the new procedure include individuals who:

  • supervise other Agrologists and/or decide on or monitor professional/behavior related policies; and, 
  • university or college faculty member (whose primary work activities include teaching, research, and/or support of graduate students).

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Certified Crop Advisor (CCA) Program Recognition

Credits for successful completion of the CCA Program are available to new applicants and currently registered members in Manitoba, Saskatchewan, and Alberta. The policy is consistent with efforts to work together on policies and procedures that benefit professionals, their clients and customers, and employers in the region. Read more...

Practicing without a Current Registration is Illegal

Only individuals registered with Agrologists Manitoba are authorized to work as an Agrologist in Manitoba or use the title “P.Ag.” or “Tech.Ag.” as per section 15 of the Agrologists Act of Manitoba. See Public Registry of Agrology Professionals

Agrologists Help Put Safe Food on Manitoba Tables

Agrology professionals are helping to put safe food on the table and protect the environment for Manitobans. The Manitoba Institute of Agrologists regulates over 650 professionals in Manitoba who are part of a well-establish network of competent advisors, administrators, teachers and researchers in every province in Canada.

To learn more about how safe competency agrology practice affects you watch this video.

Summary Information for Internationally Educated Agrologists

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  • mia_steps_to_registration_revised_15_jul_2016.pdf