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2015 Annual General Meeting and Professional Development Event

Join us on April 16, (Thursday) at our 2015 Professional Development Event for Agrologists and the Annual General Meeting that immediately follows. This will be held at the William Glesby Centre, Portage la Prairie.

Professional Development Event

The event features presentations from three players directly involved in feeding a growing population. Presenters will share information and perspective that will inform your professional practice by demonstrating the importance of learning and adaptation skills. These feature presentations will also reflect the valuable contribution of Agrology Professionals to the production of safe food and a healthy environment for Manitobans.

Speakers for the Professional Development Event are:

  1. Mitchell Todd Rezansoff, B.Sc. Ag, P.Ag., CCA
  2. Brent VanKoughnet, M.Sc., P.Ag. 
  3. Myron and Jill Krahn, Canada's 2014 Outstanding Young Farmers

2015 Annual General Meeting


  1. Official Notice of 65th AGM
  2. 2015 Nominees
  3. Official Ballot

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Transfer and Multi-Province Registration Process

The three Prairie Agrologist Institutes (AIA, SIA, and MIA) work together and have the same standard process making it easy to transfer registration or become registered in more than one province.

If you require your practice and registration status transferred to Manitoba or if you
require multi-province registration, see Prairie-wide Registration Transfer and Multi-Province Registration Process for more information.

Important Information for Consumers of Agrologists’ Advice and Services 

Starting November 17, 2014 practicing Agrologists registered with the Manitoba Institute of Agrologists will renew annual registration and practice for the 2015 calendar year.

Registration renewal is similar to renewal of a license. It permits agrology practice in Manitoba, as well as entitle access to mobility provisions for regulated professionals through the Agreement on Internal Trade.

Registration is important because Agrologists are people helping to provide Manitobans with clean air and water, fertile soil, and safe food to eat.

Practicing without a Current Registration is Illegal

Only individuals registered with MIA are authorized to work as an Agrologist in Manitoba or use the title “P.Ag.” or “Tech.Ag.” as per section 15 of the Agrologists Act of Manitoba.

See Public Registry of Agrology Professionals

Summary Information for Internationally Educated Agrologists

  • mia_document_checklist_revised_08_jul_2014.pdf
  • ieap_brochure_applicants_2014_web.pdf
  • mia_steps_to_registration_revised_08_jul_2014.pdf