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Professional Development and Networking Event -- MIA Fall BBQ

This year's fall BBQ will be on September 8, 2015 and will be held at Kelburn Farm, Richardson International's crop development and research centre located about 10 minutes south of Winnipeg on Highway 75. MIA members will be hosted by Brian Hellegards, P.Ag. and his staff at the new, climate controlled ultra-modern building space opened recently.

Go to the event page for information and to register by clicking the image below!

Newly Elected Members to Provincial Council

Three outstanding individuals from the Manitoba agriculture sector were recently elected to the 15- member MIA governing Council. Terry Betker, P.Ag., President, Backswath Management,  Casey Fox, P.Ag., Vice-President-Agriculture, Concentra Financial, and Dr. Karin Wittenberg, P.Ag., Dean of the Faculty of Agricultural and Food Sciences, University of Manitoba, recently took seats on Council joining others elected from the Agrology profession and Public appointees.

Read more -> 2015-2016 Provincial Council Members

Terry Betker, P.Ag.
President and CEO
Backswath Management Inc.
Casey Fox, P.Ag.
Associate Vice-President - Agriculture
Concentra Financial
Karin Wittenberg, P.Ag.
Faculty of Agricultural and Food Sciences
University of Manitoba

Transfer and Multi-Province Registration Process

The three Prairie Agrologist Institutes (AIA, SIA, and MIA) work together and have the same standard process making it easy to transfer registration or become registered in more than one province.

If you require your practice and registration status transferred to Manitoba or if you
require multi-province registration, see Prairie-wide Registration Transfer and Multi-Province Registration Process for more information.

Practicing without a Current Registration is Illegal

Only individuals registered with MIA are authorized to work as an Agrologist in Manitoba or use the title “P.Ag.” or “Tech.Ag.” as per section 15 of the Agrologists Act of Manitoba.

See Public Registry of Agrology Professionals

Agrologists Help Put Safe Food on Manitoba Tables

Agrology professionals are helping to put safe food on the table and protect the environment for Manitobans. The Manitoba Institute of Agrologists regulates over 650 professionals in Manitoba who are part of a well-establish network of competent advisors, administrators, teachers and researchers in every province in Canada.

To learn more about how safe competency agrology practice affects you watch this video.

Summary Information for Internationally Educated Agrologists

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  • ieap_brochure_applicants_2014_web.pdf
  • mia_steps_to_registration_revised_08_jul_2014.pdf