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Provincial Council Nomination and Election

MIA direction and policies are set and managed by a 15-member Provincial Council. The Council is composed of 12-elected and 3-appointed members.

Three seats in the Elected Category will be vacant as of the Annual General Meeting (AGM), April 14, 2016. The Council's Governance Committee looks after the nomination and election process.

You can contribute to the composition of Council by nominating a member or contacting the Governance Committee to suggest a nominee. Read more about the nomination process.

Nominate An Eligible Member (Nomination Form)

Council Committees

There are several Committees of Council. Some are mandated by legislation and others are included in the governance structure to assist Council in its work. Do you have an interest and skill set that would lend itself well to one of MIA's committees? Read the responsibilities of the committees and if you are interested in one or more of the Council committees, contact Gordon Earl or Jim Weir.

Save the Date! Annual General Meeting and Professional Development Day

April 14, 2016 (Thursday) in Portage la Prairie, Manitoba

Council Vice-President

Casey Fox, P.Ag. is appointed Vice-President of Council. Robyn Harte, P.Ag. who  had the role of Vice-President of Council is on leave.

MIA Councilor Receives Award of Excellence


Terry Betker, P.Ag., MIA Councilor and President, Backswath Management Inc. was recently recognized as the 2015 Wilson Loree Award recipient at the ’15 Ag Excellence Conference in Regina. Named after the long-time head of farm business management with the Alberta Department of Agriculture, the Farm Management Canada award recognized Terry’s extraordinary contribution to developing and promoting new and positive change in agricultural business management practices and expertise in Canada. Terry was elected to the MIA Council in 2015. 

Get Real Agriculture (Video and Article)

Renewal Process

The 2016 Annual Registration and Practice Fee Renewal Process began on November 16, 2015.

Registration renewal is similar to renewal of a license. It permits professional Agrology practice in Manitoba, as well as entitles access to professional mobility provisions for regulated professionals through the Agreement on Internal Trade.

Professional Registration is an important indication that Agrologists are vital contributors to the economic and personal well-being of Manitobans. Agrologists are people helping to provide clean air and water, fertile soil, and safe food to eat.

Please complete the Annual Registration and Practice Renewal before January 31, 2016 in order to: work in Manitoba as an Agrology Professional (P.Ag., Tech.Ag., and Agrologist-in-Training); and, keep your registration status in good standing.

Transfer and Multi-Province Registration Process

The three Prairie Agrologist Institutes (AIA, SIA, and MIA) work together and have the same standard process making it easy to transfer registration or become registered in more than one province.

If you require your practice and registration status transferred to Manitoba or if you
require multi-province registration, see Prairie-wide Registration Transfer and Multi-Province Registration Process for more information.

Practicing without a Current Registration is Illegal

Only individuals registered with MIA are authorized to work as an Agrologist in Manitoba or use the title “P.Ag.” or “Tech.Ag.” as per section 15 of the Agrologists Act of Manitoba.

See Public Registry of Agrology Professionals

Agrologists Help Put Safe Food on Manitoba Tables

Agrology professionals are helping to put safe food on the table and protect the environment for Manitobans. The Manitoba Institute of Agrologists regulates over 650 professionals in Manitoba who are part of a well-establish network of competent advisors, administrators, teachers and researchers in every province in Canada.

To learn more about how safe competency agrology practice affects you watch this video.

Summary Information for Internationally Educated Agrologists

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